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 Reborn doll's need new homes

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PostSubject: Reborn doll's need new homes   Mon 15 Oct 2012 - 14:24

hiya everyone.

i found this reborn website: and i joined her referral club which means you ask people to go to her website and by a reborn baby off of her for $199.99 and under. when you buy the baby you say you heard the website from me (Emma Baker) then you get $10 off of your purchase and you could go and spend that with an outfit. when i get 5 people to referrer me then i get a reborn off of heather for around $30. but when i get the reborn i shall be doing a youtube video of a giveaway to someone who has cancer or knows someone with cancer to do a video then i shall pick the winner and give it to them to keep and to look after to take their mind off of that person health. please help someone who is in need. post this around to friends who want a reborn. just look at the site, the babies are very adorable. please help someone! you can even buy one of her dolls and re-sell it for more money if you like.

PLEASE thankyou!
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Reborn doll's need new homes
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