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 Where is my CD?

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PostSubject: Where is my CD?   Fri 16 Nov 2012 - 16:01

Can someone please help track down when my new rooting dvd will be shipped? I ordered it on the 10th and haven't heard anything except that Paypal accepted my payment. thankyou!

Linda Wooten
Joyful Sounds Nursery
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Advanced Walker
Advanced Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Where is my CD?   Fri 16 Nov 2012 - 17:54

Your DVD wasn't on the pre-order list so it didn't go out until the pre-orders were filled. While making the copies of the DVD for the next batch, the DVD burner broke so a new one had to be purchased, which it was purchased earlier this week so I'm pretty sure Lara has sent your DVD out, but only she can answer for sure.
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Where is my CD?
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