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 Desperately need prayers for my family...

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PostSubject: Desperately need prayers for my family...   Wed 15 May 2013 - 2:42

My aunt is having surgery tomorrow because she has stage 1 cancer. The doctors think they can get everything out tomorrow as long as it's not in the lymph nodes. I am very scared for her because she is a high risk being that she is 45 and overweight and has had issues with high blood pressure... she had a really bad reaction to the anesthesia when she delivered my baby cousin by c-section six years ago.

I am very nervous and worried... because she means a lot to me... but more for my cousins (her kids) Albert is 18 and Angelina is 6. The kids just recently lost their dad (age 56) on April 14, 2013 from suicide.... Albert was the one who found his dad... and he's been having a really difficult time dealing with everything.

I am very depressed about my uncle's death... I do not have a great relationship with my father, so he was my father figure... he was a great man... just very stressed out, depressed and had bad anxiety in the weeks leading up to his death. He was a supervisor for CPS and had accumulated over two years worth of vacation time... he never took any time off. He had so much work to do... he would leave at 7 am and rarely got home before 8 pm.

I am so scared now to lose my aunt... and if something happens to her... I am so afraid to lose contact with my cousins... their father's family wants to take them if anything should happen to my aunt... but I really want them to be with me and my family... this is where they grew up. We've been there almost every single day of their lives. My little cousin Angelina is so special to me because I was really close to my grandmother who passed away almost 10 years ago... she died of breast cancer... she was everything to me. When she died I was so depressed I wanted to die. Three years later... when I was close to giving up... my little Angelina came, in the same month as my grandmother's death, in December. Christmas was my favorite time of the year before my grandmother died... then after, I hated it. But when Angelina came, she literally replaced death with life for me. She is my light, my angel... I know my grandmother sent this little girl to me.... I can't lose her. That is a test I will fail if she is taken away from me.

I just can't believe how much our family has been through... we just lost my grandfather last year on May 19, after almost two years of me, my mom and my aunt taking turns taking care of him every day all day.

I am not very religious... I consider myself more spiritual than anything else... please, to whoever you pray to, please pray for my family. Pray for my aunt, that everything goes well with the surgery... that the cancer is not in the lymph nodes... please pray that my cousin Albert finds something worth living for and finds peace with his father's death... please pray that my baby Angelina stays with me always. Please pray that my family will be happy, healthy and be filled with love as soon as possible.

Thank you.
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Steady Walker
Steady Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Desperately need prayers for my family...   Wed 15 May 2013 - 13:07

You and your family have been through so much and the pain is evident in your words. I will be praying.
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PostSubject: Re: Desperately need prayers for my family...   Wed 15 May 2013 - 14:37

sending postive healing energy and prayers
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PostSubject: Re: Desperately need prayers for my family...   

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Desperately need prayers for my family...
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