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 Sad news....

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PostSubject: Sad news....   Sun 14 Jul 2013 - 4:11


The Mini Pin is Dickie and the other one is Ollie

My mini Dachshund "Pattie" who was 10 years old and had passed away early on Thursday morning 7-11-2013.
Wednesday she was throwing up yellow/brown vomit and drinking lots of water and course we kept an eye out on her. Seemed like she was feeling a lot better and was eating and keeping her food down and wagging her tail (later in the day).

Thursday, Things turned for the worse as she was throwing up blood and my mom quickly  called the vet and she rushed her to the vet. But, it was too late. Pattie quiver and took her last breath in the car and died. I'm glad my dad was doing the driving and my mom had Pattie on her lap for the last few minutes.

The vet had said, "Sounds like she got into Decon." But, we don't have any Decon in the house. We do get mice. Maybe, she had a mouse that the mouse ate decon. We really don't know. It's cost a lot of money to find out why. We're in shocked and we're blaming ourselves. What if we took her in right away? We just thought it was a stomach virus and we gave her a little bit of bland food. I know my brother did gave her a little bite of watermelon and that was 7-5-2013. I'm not sure if that was a cause. I just don't know. So, we lost two dachshunds last year. Wylie (of old age of 17) and Bennie of brain tumor and now Pattie. All of our full breed of dachshunds are gone. :(

This is all of the 3 dachshunds (that passed)

So, we have a new dog (we got him before she became ill). We gave him the same treats as we did with Pattie and Dickie and Ollie (Our new dog) he threw up the treat. So, the treat "Pup Corn" sounds fishy. We haven't give Dickie and Ollie anymore and no throwing up.

Yeah, we're in shocked that she went fast. We blame ourselves, and we're asking ourselves, "What if?" I'm looking any info on line about what Pattie went through.

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PostSubject: Re: Sad news....   Sun 14 Jul 2013 - 11:22

I am so very sorry for your loss. I have a min. doxie & a chow chow, they are my children. I know how they feel like family and I'm at a loss for words. Please do not blame yourself, the symptoms didn't sound bad & you thought she was getting better.. My heart goes out to you. Such a beautiful little baby, our doxie is a dapple also. All 3 were pretty babies, again I'm so sorry.
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Steady Walker

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PostSubject: Sorry for loss   Sun 14 Jul 2013 - 12:29

Sorry for your loss- it is always hard to lose a beloved fur baby.
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Dreaming Angel
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PostSubject: Re: Sad news....   Sun 14 Jul 2013 - 13:39

i am so sorry for your loss it is so hard when you loose a beloved pet,may she run free at rainbow bridge
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PostSubject: Re: Sad news....   

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Sad news....
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