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 air dry ebook

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PostSubject: air dry ebook   Sun 29 Dec 2013 - 23:45

I purchased the air dry ebook and the paint set (Art & Magic Water borne paints) that goes with it from  Hunnybuns. Just have a couple of questions.
I'm a tad confused:
First- I bought these paints because I do not have an oven right now but the very first lesson is to use the matte varnish or glazing gel + thinner but then u have to bake this layer. Is it ok to use my heat gun since I do not have an oven? And if so how long do I carefully heat set. (I don't usually my heat gun for large areas)
Second- the set of paints I bought to go along with ebook came with folkart glass and tile and the ebook does not recommend it. should I use it , pitch it  or what?
blessings, bobbi  angelsmiley
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PostSubject: Re: air dry ebook   Tue 31 Dec 2013 - 0:48

I personally like to use a genesis base but the folk art sealer is included to be used as a final sealer so go ahead and use a thin layer of that as a base coat too. You may want to go onto that section of the tutorial to see how to apply it. Once applied all over the vinyl allow the pieces at least 24hrs to dry completely before you start painting :)
There has been several who have had some not so good experiences with the folk art and I did say I don't recommend it due to that fact, however... I have had more time since then to really work with it and I have found that as long as you keep the layers very thin and pounce it on evenly and quickly without going over the same areas multiple times that it is just fine. I also found that you have to let it cure completely for at least 24 hrs.

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air dry ebook
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