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 air dry e-book-sealer and videos?

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PostSubject: air dry e-book-sealer and videos?   Wed 1 Jan 2014 - 13:21

How do you view the videos? I've copied and pasted link in my browser but it doesn't come up.
And secondly, please forgive me if I'm misreading or overlooking something. Do you apply the sealer before or after rooting?

Book says "If you plan to root the head apply the sealer once you are finished rooting."
but it also says "Once you have covered all pieces with the thin layer of varnish
allow to dry for at least 24 hours before touching the pieces to allow
time to fully dry. After 24 to 48 hrs you are ready to root your baby head!" -copied and pasted

The sealer is the varnish right? Or is that where I'm getting confused?
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air dry e-book-sealer and videos?
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