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 Heaven gained a new angel

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PostSubject: Heaven gained a new angel   Mon 28 Apr 2014 - 2:11

Please keep our family in your prayers, over the next few days. Tammy (my sister in laws mom) lost her battle with cancer, and passed away shortly before 9 pm this evening (27th). We were all there with her, as she made her journey to our heavenly Father. I am so blessed to be able to have helped the hospice nurse clean her up, and get her dressed in fresh clothing, for the funeral folks that picked her up at midnight tonight. It brings me peace, that I was able to help out with that, although small in nature. Her daughters had other things on their minds, so I stepped in, and Im glad I did. It gave me a chance to say my good byes, as well, as making sure she was clean for her journey. I think it was good of them to ask me to help, because I know some day, I will be doing this for my father in law also, so I will now know what to expect. It has been a very long and stressful weekend for us.....please keep us in your prayers.

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PostSubject: Re: Heaven gained a new angel   Mon 28 Apr 2014 - 5:29

Such a lovely person you are, and all will be included in prayers.
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven gained a new angel   Mon 28 Apr 2014 - 10:47

Sad and the coming days will be hard...but there is a peace in knowing that she is with Jesus in heaven right now!!!
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handy denise
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven gained a new angel   Mon 28 Apr 2014 - 10:50

so very sorry for your loss and that of your family! Prayers are with you all.
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Joy Franklin
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven gained a new angel   Mon 28 Apr 2014 - 22:13

Tina, I am so sorry that her journey has come to an end. It is a awesome act to help get the body ready for transport. There is nothing like it for saying good bye and for forming new memories. My daughters and I prepared my mom at the funeral home for her funeral and viewing and the three of us healed remarkably in those 2 hours. What a special gift you gave and received.
My prayers as always
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven gained a new angel   Wed 30 Apr 2014 - 10:22

So sorry for your loss. What a wonderful way to be able to help her with her transition. Prayers being sent your way.
Hugs Barbi
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Jenny In NH
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PostSubject: so sorry   Fri 2 May 2014 - 22:41

So sorry for your loss. Sending you prayers Tina, in the hard times, until you feel God's touch taking the sadness away and lifting you up.

 prayer prayer prayer prayer 



"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice" (words of wisdom from my Dad) :P
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven gained a new angel   

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Heaven gained a new angel
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