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 Contest Rules- Full Body Contest

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PostSubject: Contest Rules- Full Body Contest   Tue 29 Jul 2014 - 17:37

There have been lot of inquiries on when the contest for the full body class will be.

There has been several set backs on the release of Coco. Some dealers do not have their kits yet, and we have all been told that NO ONE ships the kit until all the dealers have them. This will be Aug 5 that I am allowed to ship the Coco kits.

This being said, we cannot show any pictures of Coco, for sale or otherwise. 

Pictures must be submitted to me by pm on the forum between August 3 and Aug 5, noon, EST.
You will need to submit 3 pictures. They must be either Coco Blick, or Mikey/Maria Murray, with a full torso.
One naked full body picture
One close up face picture
One close up hair picture

Contest will start Aug 7 and run for 1 week.

If you plan on listing your Coco on Ebay or other forum/site, please do not post pictures sooner than Aug 7, and if your baby is in the contest, your contest pictures must be different from pictures you are posting so we do not know who's baby is in the contest. No watermarks, nursery names or other markings that will give away the artist of the baby.

Please post here if you have any questions.

Good luck ladies!!!


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PostSubject: Re: Contest Rules- Full Body Contest   Sun 3 Aug 2014 - 13:40

whooohoooo!!!! Cant wait to start seeing these babies!!!! whoohoo whoohoo whoohoo 

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Contest Rules- Full Body Contest
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