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 New Life contest winner

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PostSubject: New Life contest winner   Fri 21 Nov 2014 - 16:37

Hi Barb,
My name is Gwen Brown and I just won the New Life Contest. Yea!!! Lara toke me you would make me a logo for that. I am not sure what that is but you can do that. Also she tole me to let you know of all the classes I have taken and I don't know how that works either. So I will list all the classes I have taken. Also she wanted me to give you the name of my nursery so it is "Nanny's All Dolled Up Nursery".
My list of classes: Silicone Painting Techniques
Real Full Body Newborn
Real Reborn New Life Begins

These are the Ebook classes I bought and took on my own: (I don't know if that counts)
Hair Painting basic Techiniques
Beyond the Basics
Anatomically Correct Baby
AA Ethnic
Real Reborn Ebony Class
Hair Rooting CD
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New Life contest winner
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