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 3 lots of pacis for sale

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3 lots of pacis for sale Empty
PostSubject: 3 lots of pacis for sale   3 lots of pacis for sale EmptyThu Jun 02, 2016 1:58 am

Hi ladies, I have 3 lots of pacis left that I need to get rid of.  Listed below are the pice of each lot. Please pm me if interested. some of the pacis are new some are old, some have nipples others don't, some have magnets others don't.


This lot is small/ newborn size (mostly) there are 18 pacis $20+shipping
3 lots of pacis for sale Image17

This lot is for dr. Browns. There are 15 pacis. $10+shipping
3 lots of pacis for sale Image18

This last lot is mostly girl. There are 20 pacis. $25+shipping
3 lots of pacis for sale Image19
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3 lots of pacis for sale
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