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 Monday Chat

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PostSubject: Monday Chat   Mon 6 Aug 2018 - 3:07

Good Morning ladies, its another way too hot one for us forecast for us is 30 and that's way-way to hot for me. Cut thumb on left hand and fingers next to thumb on right hand, both with plasters on as could not stem the bleeding, so not much work apart from reading a book going to take place today.

Did manage to make a couple of romper outfits for custom orders, one completed one to sew up, will show you when complete, they are in fancy fuzzy yarns, one had 5% wool in it and I am allergic to wool, rash up my arms but its done now, just to sew it up and do the neck, think I will get gloves out or this job lol.

What you all up to, I still have two dolls to finish reborning, but its way too hot, it dries before you an blink.
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Jenny In NH
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PostSubject: Re: Monday Chat   Tue 7 Aug 2018 - 2:32

Good Morning Maxina!!

So sorry about your wool rash and the finger cuts - finger are so sensitive. Hope all mends quickly for you! sad

Yes, we are in a heat wave as well!! Thermostat in the car said 103 today!! affraid

I have been helping mother-in-law as she had complete shoulder replacement, but she is coming along! Also been working
on a project for the ladies of the VFW >> painting a ladies face on an alien-shaped Styrofoam head..  I did NOT volunteer!! LOL  
Supposed to be Rosie the Riveter!! (not even close, but... I tried hehehe).

Hoping to get back to reborning, in September when things quiet down.  Sooooooooooo hot here lately!!  In my spare time I weed and
water and harvest my 4 raised vegetable garden beds!  Nothing like a fresh cucumber, after it has been chilled in the fridge!! :)

Hubby is on vacation this week, so trying to fit in some play time for my son and hubby.  I think we are going to the ocean on Friday
as it is supposed to be the coolest day this week (87) LOL.




"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice" (words of wisdom from my Dad) :P
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PostSubject: Re: Monday Chat   Fri 10 Aug 2018 - 10:55

We are having a break from extreme heat...but when it is 90 and the humidity is 80-85%....I think I would rather have the extreme heat....d sad gardening is 2 tomato plants and they only get watered if it rains!!! lol

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PostSubject: Re: Monday Chat   

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Monday Chat
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