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 Ladies doing the HCG diet

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PostSubject: Ladies doing the HCG diet   Tue 15 Mar 2011 - 21:17

Please won't you share some of your recipes for the diet? I know after awhile the same foods will begin to get boring for me so I need some ideas on how to mix it up a bit with still keeping to the diet. thankyou!

PS I don't think I'll be eating any tilapia. Not after seeing Dirty Jobs!
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PostSubject: Re: Ladies doing the HCG diet   Wed 16 Mar 2011 - 0:35

Its so restricted for me that I dont really have any recipes.
Hubby just smokes my chicken breast and steaks with pecan wood, no seasoning. My veggies that i will eat, from list of approved foods, just cucumber, tomatoes and spinach.....Hubby smokes a bunch at once then wraps each individually in foil. I then pop one in the oven when i want one. For my spinach, i just add it to the packet with the meat while i am reheating in the oven.

Other than than, grilled with lemon or lemon peppered.....I have had the flounder, tilapia wasnt on my list.

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Ladies doing the HCG diet
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