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 Dog bed funnies

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Advanced Walker
Advanced Walker

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PostSubject: Dog bed funnies   Mon 11 Apr 2011 - 3:42

Aside from our own 3 four legged kids, we sometimes have "guests" spending the night/weekend/etc with us. One is my mom's dog, Lucy. A stereotypical spoiled lil ole lady dog who's sense of entitlement always undergoes a massive transformation at our house. (ie she doesn't get on the furniture, she can't eat off our plates, and most degrading to her I'm sure ... she has to go eat at the barn with the other dogs! LOL)

Sometimes we also have our four legged grand child for the weekend ... our younger daughter's dog who, while she knows she's a dog ... she's a total nervous nelly to the point where my darling hubby can't even shuffle cards to play solitaire because the noise sends Chelsey into a frantic meltdown.

When the two are here at the same time ... it's extremely comical, the song and dance all 5 dogs go through for the 4 dog beds. This particular time my mom had brought over Lucy's bed (which she never sleeps in hahaha) ... and well you can see who actually found it a comfy fit.

Where as, Lucy, who deems herself queen of all she surveys, took over this bed.

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PostSubject: Re: Dog bed funnies   Mon 11 Apr 2011 - 8:46

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Advanced Walker
Advanced Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Dog bed funnies   Mon 11 Apr 2011 - 12:57

That is just too funny!!

Love the Brittany!!
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Advanced Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Dog bed funnies   Mon 11 Apr 2011 - 18:13

lol that is just soooo cute!
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Advanced Walker
Advanced Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Dog bed funnies   Mon 11 Apr 2011 - 19:35

How cute, I love your four legged kids. bigsmile

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PostSubject: Re: Dog bed funnies   Mon 11 Apr 2011 - 20:27

That's like my neice's cat. She bought her all the mod cons for living inside, and hoped that she would use the cushion as her bed on the couch beside her. Nope wouldn't have a bar of the cushion and would sleep where she wanted, anywhere except on the cushion. My niece gave up in despair and threw the cushion up on top the bookcase out of the way and now where does Cinnamon sleep? Yep you got it, on the cushion atop the bookcase.
Gotta just love the 4 legged family members.

Reborn Artist - Lynk Nursery

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Patricia Diane

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PostSubject: Re: Dog bed funnies   Tue 12 Apr 2011 - 17:00

This is hilarious! I got such a laugh out of your picture. Animals have a mind of there own for sure, especially dogs!
I have two small Boston Terriers and they can find some of the funniest places to sleep. Oh yes, they to have their beds (cushions) but there favorite place to sleep is on my furry like fabric, robe that I usually keep for winter's cold days. I finally gave up and just gave it to them, because they love it like a security blanket! go figure! lol
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PostSubject: Re: Dog bed funnies   Thu 14 Apr 2011 - 0:24

That is just TOO funny. My parents have a yorkie that's getting up their in age and is bling in one eye. He always digs in the little basket where we have dog toys and makes a lumpy bed for himself. So, for Christmas I bought him a little bed. He preferred to sleep draped over the edge. It wasn't long, though, that my shizuh took over. The only problem is that only half of him fit in it, and that was usually his back half. Animals are just too funny.
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PostSubject: Re: Dog bed funnies   

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Dog bed funnies
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