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 urgent help ...

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PostSubject: urgent help ...    Sun 29 May 2011 - 10:01

I am not certain if anyone will be able to heop out with this... but what happend is my class for middle eastern was not activated yet~ and did not know as today is the first time I was even able to get online. So busy with my little ones~ and I had a very painfull illness arise (huge ovarian cyst and hernia... OUCH)... anyway... finally online with limted time to start classes and I dont have my acces sad I emaied Lara.... and she will get to me as soon as she finds it... but.... Im stuck now. I have a copy of my invoice that I can share... thought perhaps someone else from REAL staff could activate me.... or email the e-book if there is one. Send me a message if you can lend a hand... then I will send you a copy of my paid in full invoice for the class.

sad tick tock... my little ones will be up soon~ and I will miss my chance~ crybaby
thankyou! worthy
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PostSubject: Re: urgent help ...    Sun 29 May 2011 - 10:14

Sorry Misty, only Lara can activate users. I'm sure she'll get to you as soon as possible. bigsmile
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urgent help ...
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