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 question about the Just Born Ebook.

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PostSubject: question about the Just Born Ebook.   Mon 28 Nov - 11:32:19

So last night I decided to buy my first Ebook, just dont tell my fiance, I'm sure he would be pissed off that I spent the money. LOL!!!
lol lol
Anyway I am kind of confused about something...I'm wondering if I am missing some paint colors that I really need..

I have the BB pre-mixed set which included the matte and gloss varnishes...
I also have the BB set of flesh tones, (flesh 04 and all that...)
I did also purchase a mustard yellow color (the label came off so I dont knoiw what its called. )
and Pyrrole red 02.

Am I missing any colors that I cant mix from those I have already? I'm hoping to get some linseed oil today and I dont want to start on my kit and find out that I'm missing something...

thankyou! thankyou!
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PostSubject: Re: question about the Just Born Ebook.   Wed 30 Nov - 20:29:38

i think the mustard yellow colour if probably yellow orche, sorry i cant give any help on the other stuff but my sure someone will be along soon to help x
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PostSubject: Re: question about the Just Born Ebook.   Wed 30 Nov - 22:40:13

The supplies needed should be listed in the beginning of the ebook. Also, if you go to the tutorial section, we have recipees for lots of colors that you can mix on your own. bigsmile
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PostSubject: Re: question about the Just Born Ebook.   Wed 30 Nov - 23:32:22

It all depends on which eBook you are doing as for colors and as Lara said, you can mix a lot. I do highly suggest the linseed oil. I can't seem to paint without it anymore. It has allowed me to use flesh 08 again.
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PostSubject: question about the Just Born Ebook   Sat 3 Dec - 2:55:00

I pretty mush started out with the same colors as you.....I found that most of the BB colors are very dark but you can mix and get a lighter shade by mixing with the fingernail tip color. (can not rem. the name) But the one color you did not mention is "Burnt Umber"....It is a good one to have.....also Ultramarine Blue.....Both of these come in the set BB has of the basic Genesis colors....insludes white, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, genesis red and genesis yellow. If you can get them in the small size it might be a good deal. Just an idea.....good luck.... Susan
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PostSubject: Re: question about the Just Born Ebook.   

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question about the Just Born Ebook.
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