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 Scam Warning

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PostSubject: Scam Warning   Scam Warning EmptyThu 9 Feb 2017 - 4:14

Hello all, I have a bit of a scam warning to post, but let me start with a quick story:

I’m sorry to post this message on multiple forums, and probably in the wrong section, but since I’ve been out of the reborn community for quite some time, I’m not sure who buys/posts where anymore, and I’m currently scrambling to get the word out.

A few weeks ago I sold my one and only reborn on eBay (a Naomi by Donna Lee who I’ve had for years). The seller only had one star at the time, but I decided to let it slide.

The doll was, in my opinion, painted beautifully, but when the seller received him in the mail, I got several ebay messages telling me how unhappy they were with him, and how he didn’t look like his listing photos (in the listing, I stated that the pictures were taken by the artist). I offered to have her send him back, and then I would issue a refund - she asked for a discount instead. She then proceeded to send me photos of one of her dolls, a few of which had watermarks from a nursery indicating to me that she hadn't taken the photos herself (obviously).

Skip ahead to tonight, I see that the buyer has the doll listed for sale on her page using the same photos I used, but stating that he has been repainted.

Now, I have no proof at all that this is any sort of scam, other than what is stated above, and while I don’t want to accuse this person of anything, I also feel the need to say something since 1) The thought of the doll I loved so much being used for a scam makes me sick, & 2) I’m the reason this person has access to the doll in the first place.

Since I'm a new member, I can't post links, but the seller I'm referring to goes by the name ktlrll-3 on eBay.

I'm super sorry if this isn't being posted in the correct way/place, but I only saw the listing a few minutes ago and wanted to get the word out ASAP.
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Scam Warning
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