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 All back to normal now

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PostSubject: All back to normal now   All back to normal now EmptySat 16 Sep 2017 - 3:49

Good Morning ladies, I did write a longish message yesterday, but obviously forgot to press the send button,
I have had a new computer made, my old one just gave up the ghost, this one has been made to my specification
plus a lot of imput from the guy that looks after my computers. He gave me three choices and I chose the top one
as it works as fast as my fingers type, which is great, has a lot of storage space, which is what I need. It is set
out like windows 7 so can work it easily. Only had to ask how to make my pictures larger, and hey presto back
in business. I am now hoping to get a new ipad as my husband has been using my old one for watching cricket in the garden !! and it will be an excuse to get a new one lol.

I lost my crochet and sewing mojo for a good few weeks, but luckily for me it only lasted a month, which is a month
to long, but I had already done the tops of some of the outfits, with bonnets/beanies and shoes, so only needed the
lace overlay sewing on and buttons and ribbons, I had knitted two rompers so had the jackets to do, but all done now
and working on a dress in crochet. Just as well found my mojo have a doll show on the 8th October and another
six weeks later.

I have been buying a few good kits, Atticus, can't wait for Journey now from LLE, Nine, and love Starling, have two
of each. I have painted on Starling, just not found the time to root or paint her hair as yet. Will do soon I hope.

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PostSubject: Re: All back to normal now   All back to normal now EmptySat 16 Sep 2017 - 7:16

Sounds like you've had a really good computer made...that's great!!

I didn't even know you could have computers made to your specifications!!!

I saw all your little outfits on the other post and they are gorgeous!!!! I can sew...but I'm not
that great at it....I don't have the patience for working with such small pieces!!!

Would love to see your Starling when you get her done....maybe wearing one of your beautiful dresses!!! wink
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Jenny In NH
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Jenny In NH

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PostSubject: Re: All back to normal now   All back to normal now EmptyMon 18 Sep 2017 - 1:46

My hubby puts my PCs together too Maxina, it is so awesome to not have all that stuff loaded up on your PC that you will never /use need and get more space
on your hard drive for the things that really matter... LIKE DOLLY STUFF!! hehehe

So glad you got your mojo back!! Seems like we all go through those times every now n then!  Love the new kits you are

getting too!!! Nice!!!  Your things are all so beautiful, people must go wild at your table during the doll shows!!

happyhappy happyhappy happyhappy happyhappy happyhappy happyhappy



All back to normal now Hattie10

"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice" (words of wisdom from my Dad) :P
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PostSubject: Re: All back to normal now   All back to normal now Empty

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All back to normal now
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